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Castaway: Rules of Survival is a 3D action and survival game that might remind you a lot of the amazing Last Day on Earth. The main difference between the two is that in this game, the action happens in an unknown planet in the year 2203 ... and of course, there are no zombies.

The controls in Castaway: Rules of Survival are simple and intuitive. The control stick is located to the left and the action buttons to the right. From the inventory, you can access the rest of the menus such as the instructions to create weapons and other gadgets or the mission diary.

The Castaway: Rules of Survival world is a dangerous and inhospitable place, filled with weird vegetation and dangerous animals. Luckily, although you’ll start out with nothing at all, as you collect raw materials, you can start building all kinds of utensils. At first, they’ll only be spikes and simple pants, but little by little you can create guns and complex armors.

Inside your base of operations, which you’ll find a couple of minutes after you start playing, you can build a shelter that fits your needs. You can build walls, floors, doors, defensive walls and much more. You can basically create a proper safe zone for your character.

Castaway: Rules of Survival is a pretty great survival game that borrows the idea from Last Day on Earth to offer you a slightly different gaming experience. The visuals of the game are also pretty great.
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Android 4.0.3 or greater is required